These calculators are for guidance purposes only, we always ask that you seek proffessional assistance of how much material you require.

  • Any order placed with MILLBRIDGE GRABS AND AGGREGATES LTD, which involves taking the vehicle off the public highway will be at the customers own risk, and they accept full responsibility for any damage that may occur to property, vehicle’s or persons because of this action.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer under the Duty of Care Environmental Protection Act 1990, to inform the driver of the contents of the waste and/or pile.
  • Where inert waste loads (soil/hardcore/muck/concrete) are ordered and they are found to contain other waste types, mixed builders waste materials thus contaminating the load, the hirer will be charged accordingly for a mixed waste collection service.
  • The following Hazardous Waste items cannot be put (or allow other to put) into the Grab lorry without obtaining written permission from Millbridge Grabs and Aggregates Ltd.
  • Any Liquids, Asbestos, Plasterboard, Freezers, Fridges, Electrical & Electronic equipment, Clinical, Medical, Solvents or any other Toxic Waste, Pressurised Cylinders, Tyres, Car/Commercial Vehicle Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes or any other waste types, which following changes in Legislation may become classified as a difficult or Hazardous waste type. For more information please call our office. When the waste has been tipped and the Grab Lorry is found to have any such items, you will be quoted an extra price to dispose of these items, or you will be given the opportunity to collect the items specified from the disposal facility. If the item/items are not collected by 4pm on the same day, the disposal price quoted for the items will be charged to your specific payment card used for the initial payment, or the credit account if you hold one with us.

Any such items placed in our grab lorries waste containers will result in additional charges as described above.

  • NO CANS, BOTTLES/LIQUID CONTAINERS can be placed in our lorry. These items MUST be dry and free from any liquid residue and will be open for inspection.
  • If the waste/pile is placed on the highway, or other public place, it is the hirers responsibility to ensure they have permission approved by the Local Authority, and it is properly stored where necessary during the hours of daylight, coned and lighted during the hours of darkness.
  • MGA will ensure that our Grab Lorries do not overspill of waste, both whilst it is stationary or in transit. If the hirer has not measured the waste correctly which results in MGA having to revisit the site again, then the hirer will be charged extra for this.
  • Blocked access due to parked vehicles or materials resulting in failed delivery/collection will incur standing time and/or wasted journey charge.
  • In all cases delivery/collection times are given for guidance only and MGA accepts no liability for any costs incurred due to delays in delivery/collection, failure to deliver on the preferred delivery date, or at the preferred time due to unforeseen circumstances. Except where the hirer has previously approved credit account, direct payment for the provision of the service shall be made in full by the hirer to MGA prior to delivery/collection.
  • THE CUSTOMER CAN ONLY PAY BY DEBIT/CREDIT CARD. Payment for the service and all applicable delivery charges are in advance. Collection payments can be made once we have collected your waste. In the event there are surcharges (such as overweight/overloaded of our Grab lorry), we will not accept liability and will revisit to collect the remainder of the waste at an additional charge. In the case of disposal of restricted items or wasted journeys, the hirer shall be liable to pay these fees and MGA reserve the right to charge these surcharges to the payment card used for initial payment, and will inform the customer of these charges.
  • By placing a collection/delivery with MILLBRIDGE GRABS AND AGGREGATES LTD, you agree to all the above Terms and Conditions.
  • MGA are not responsible for the suitability of the materials for the purposes that the purchaser intends, nor are MGA responsible for injury or damage caused by the use or misuse of the materials supplied.
  • Sourcing and Traceability – all Aggregates supplied are sourced from reputable suppliers, and should the needs arise we can trace back to where originally purchased.